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Report ALL crashes involving students to the Elmhurst Police Department, even if there are no injuries To report a non-serious accident dial: (630) 530-3050

We welcome volunteers to help with Safe Routes to School events and programs! Contact your school PTA.

Safety Tips

1srts.jpg Walk Safely!
2srts..jpg Be alert. Look left, right, and left again before crossing a street or look over your shoulder for turning cars, especially at intersections.
3srts.jpg Use the crosswalk.
Cross at corners or at a marked crosswalk.
This is where drivers expect to see you.
4srts.jpg Make eye contact. Don’t assume that drivers will see you!
Make eye contact and use hand signals to communicate before crossing.
5srts.jpg Follow the rules.
Follow directions from crossing guards.
6srts.jpg Be visible. Walk where cars and bikes can see you.
Wear bright clothes, and use lights and reflectors when it is dark outside

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b1srts.jpg Bike Safely!
b2srts.jpg Wear a helmet. It’s the law. Helmets should fit snugly, sit level on your head, and always be buckled firmly under your chin.
b3srts.jpg Ride with traffic.
Ride on the right, in the same direction of traffic. Follow all signs and signals.
b4srts.jpg Share the path.
Pass walkers carefully on paths. Ring your bell and/or call “on your left” before passing.
b5srts.jpg Make eye contact. Don’t assume that drivers see you, especially when entering or crossing a street. Make eye contact before you cross, even if it is your turn.
b6srts.jpg Be alert.
When biking on the street, watch for opening car doors and cars turning across your path.
b7srts.jpg Be predictable.
Ride in a straight line and always signal your moves to others.
b8srts.jpg Be visible. Ride where cars can see you. Wear bright clothes, and use lights and reflectors when it is dark outside.

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d1srst.jpg Drive Safely!
d2srst.jpg Slow down and use extra caution in school zones and along commute routes.
Signal your turns and yield to pedestrians.
d3srst.jpg Obey adult crossing guards and “No Turn on Red” signs.
This allows students to cross safely without cars turning through the crosswalk.
d4srst.jpg Yield to people in crosswalks.
d5srst.jpg Avoid U-turns and other unsafe maneuvers.
d6srst.jpg Never double park or block curb ramps.
dsrst7.jpg Help reduce traffic congestion on school routes by carpooling with a neighbor and avoiding the last minute rush whenever possible.
d7srst.jpg Do not talk on your cell phone unless you are over 19 years old and are using a hands-free or Bluetooth device. Never text and drive, it’s the law!

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