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Expectations for
Strategic Planning and Improvement

  • The Board of Education and Administration provide leadership.
  • There exists a culture of trust and an acceptance of the value of change.
  • Efforts are aligned with students and their achievement.
  • There is a focus on established goals and continuous improvement.
  • Support for improvement efforts and innovations is ongoing.
  • Corrections and adjustments are expected.
  • Failures are acknowledged and the system is improved
  • Student, staff, school and District accomplishments are recognized and celebrated.

Key Performance Indicators


Due to recent curricular changes and the implementation of PARCC testing, it has become necessary to change some of the District's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The ACT, for example, will no longer be administered, as the State has signed a multi-year contract with The College Board. The SAT will be given to Illinois high school juniors next spring, replacing the ACT. Explore to ACT (EPAS) growth is, therefore, no longer available.

It was also necessary to alter "College and Career Readiness" and "Meeting Typical Growth" indicators, as they refer to measures that were part of the now expired No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.

Our former Achievement Gap indicator was based on groups developed by NCLB regulations (i.e. FRL, IEP, minorities). There are various ways to measure the English Language Learner (ELL) program and other groups, including year-to-year cohort growth.

Additionally, the spring Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is no longer being administered - again, due to PARCC testing. Fall MAP scores are being used instead for elementary and middle school students.

The chart below tracks the changes to District 205's KPI measures from the 2015-16 school year through 2020-21.


New Performance Indicators

Ac Achievement KPI1.JPG
AC Growth KPI2.JPG
CCR Measures KPI3.JPG

Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 began its current District improvement process in 2011-2012 with the identification of District improvement goals and the identification of measurable performance indicators. The District then began data collection from internal sources and Harris polling conducted among students, staff and parents. Specific areas for improvement over a two or three year period and four to six year period will be identified on a yearly basis. The information below outlines the process in detail.

  • Identification of Performance Indicators • State Improvement Performance Indicators
    • District 205 Performance Indicators
    • Identify Intermediate Performance Indicators (by level and departments)
  • Data Gathering
    • Collect data for State and District Performance Indicators
    • Begin to identify and collect data for Intermediate Performance Indicators
  • Benchmarks
    • Establish Long Term (4-6 years) Benchmarks
  • Goal Setting
    • Compare District performance with short and long term Benchmarks
    • Identify areas for improvement
  • Strategies and Interventions
    • Develop Improvement Plans at the building, department and District level.
    • Identify resources, personnel and processes needed for implementation .
  • Implementation, Monitoring and Adjustments
    • Implement Strategic Improvement Plans
    • Monitor Intermediate and District Performance Indicators for effectiveness and adjustment in plans.
  • Holistic Accountability
    • Focus on results - All stakeholders accountable for results
    • Ultimate goal is that all of our students are successful learners
    • Emphasis on total system improvement over time
    • Culture of Collaboration

Mission Statement

The mission of Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 is to meet the educational needs of all students, challenging each to his or her full potential and ensuring a foundation for future success in life.


Elmhurst School District 205
District Improvement Process

Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 is committed to the quest for educational excellence. The District is focused on creating an organization that is high performing, has integrity, and is characterized by the ethical behavior of its students, faculty and staff.

The Strategic Plan is an integral tool in assessing our progress toward improvement in our quest for excellence. We are committed to using objective data to assess our performance across the wide spectrum of our school system and to evaluate our strengths and improvement initiatives based on data and future benchmarking.

The template for our strategic plan was developed by the Elmhurst Board of Education with support from the administration. The framework is based upon the Board’s Governance Priorities. This framework is used to establish District Performance Indicators and long-term Benchmarks as well as establishing District-wide goals. These four areas are:

Student Learning and Achievement

District 205 holds high expectations for all students. The District identifies essential curricular content, makes certain it is sequenced appropriately and is taught effectively. Assessments are used to evaluate curricular alignment, guide instruction and monitor student learning.

Organizational and Operational Effectiveness

District 205 sets clear expectations and goals throughout all aspects of the school district. Improvement plans are developed at the school, department and District level and those plans are evaluated for their effectiveness.

Communication and Community Relationships

District 205 maintains purposeful, active, positive relationships with families of its students and with the community to support student learning.

Financial Planning

District 205 continuously evaluates programs and services for cost effectiveness and the impact for student learning. Sound fiscal policy is a priority for the District.